Your style is a Sensual Intricate Red Padless Bralette

You represent passion, courage and creativity.

Arians want to feel sexy, yet classy. Nothing is too much for you. You always want the best and you want to be uniquely you. The girl boss in you can be brought out with this deep red padless bralette (left one instock!), and believe us — although you are so complex, you look best in something that enhances your natural aura and beauty. No need for extra straps or padding. Those laces will look just amazing on you.


Your style is a Front Clasp Shoulder Bralette.

Taurians are the most loyal, consistent individuals. Sometimes, you are a little too afraid to change.

A new way of wearing a wireless bra might be intimidating at first for Taurians.

Will it have enough hold? Will I feel uncomfortable? Will people notice?

A front clasp bralette allows you to feel secure and at ease. You can see where you fix your bra and our shoulder-and-underbust rings allow you to adjust the bralette to your comfort. The larger lace piece holds any bust sizes just right. You’ll feel just as secure as a normal wired bra.


Your style is a Versatile Midi Crop Top Bralette.

Your world is full of ideas. You are spontaneous and have a need for constant change and variety.

No one bralette can satisfy you. But that’s okay. No one is just happy with one bralette in their closet.

You need something that can be padded one day but soft and comfy the next day; a cute lingerie in the bedroom that can also double up as a crop top with an elbow length leather jacket for the girls night out.

This Roselette crop top (available in black and white. Customisation for a longer crop lace also available for free.) spells you. With removable padded and just enough lace to cover up, you can be ready to rock any occasion.



Lingerie Models by c-edward


Your style is Light Natural Toned Bralettes

You are calm and soft, yet have the instinct to protect those around you.

A nude bralette with a cute semi-translucent lace can look very modest on you. It blends well with your skin and portrays that strong and nurturing lady that you always are. Other than nude, dusty pink or dusty purple can suit your calm personality too.


Your style is Strapped Eyelash Laced Bralette

Leos are self-expressive, fun and passionate.

You like to feel confident but are quite mysterious at heart. You like to take charge but also like to be with someone who wants to control at times (only when you allow them to, though).

A semi-cropped bralette with a flirty eyelash ends allows you to feel both like a queen and mistress. A little strap to accentuate your look is just enough of a tease. Want this bralette with straps customised? It’s free of charge. Just email us.


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Your style is a Maxi Crop Bralette

Virgos are down-to-earth perfectionists that often think for others more than for themselves.

It’s time to treat yourself, girl. Treat yourself to something good, sexy and perfect. You already know what’s best for you (because you only seek for the best). Your sense of style is immaculate as it is. But if you are new to the bralette world, why not try a sometime Maxi. It covers your chest to your waist, providing laced perfect from top to bottom.

Because you are a Virgo, we know you’ll have questions. Email us or facebook message us. Our consultants will provide free advices for you.


T BY ALEXANDER WANG - Black Silk Satin Bralette |


Your style is Silk Satin Padded Bralette

Always indecisive about what to wear for the girls night out or tomorrow’s date?

How about not deciding twice? Slip on a silk satin bralette and you’ve got your bra and top sorted. Pair it with a long maxi skirt or dark jeans and boots, you’re ready for the night. Our top product, Naomie is available in black and white. Stay tune for a side lace version soon!


Lingerie Models by c-edward

Your style is a Strappy Sheer Laced Bralette

Mysterious, dark, erotic and complex. Scorpios are fond of intimacy and power. You emphasize on raw truth, honesty and emotional closeness.

You know what you want. And you usually get it. Large straps all over will enhance your already overpowering beauty that most people cannot resist. A black sheer lace gives just enough preview to what is underneath. Like this set? Email us for free customisation.

Our best seller Anna in black kicks things up a notch with maroon straps.


Your style is T-Bond Back Laced Bralette

Sagittarian has high expectations of herself.

You always want to push boundaries. You hate it when life gets too mundane.

So, your bralette has to be different. Unlike the usual bras, this milk-white laced Mandy gives a fresh look. It’s not pure white and it’s not yellow. The floral lace has a little shine to it and it feels more crochet than the usual lace. The T-bone back structure allows you to wear crop tops without showing your bra straps. At the shoulder, fret not if the strap is slightly visible. It acts like a little accessory with gold rings.


Your style is U-Cup Shape Bralette

Capricorns like to stick to status quo and are very traditional.

You want something similar to your current bra but let’s break free from those wires. These Kylie bralettes have a good hold at the underbust and side-bust just like the traditional bras.

This lace is one of my personal favourite lace. With small eyelashes at the top of the bra and hive patterns at the bottom, it brings out the feminism in everyone.


PASTEL by xCatiix


Your style is a Comfortable Crop Soft Laced Bralette.

You want to be unique yet practical.

You want to a sense of individuality within the community that you are in, but at the same time, understand the norms and etiquette of people surrounding you. Aquarians have a fixed sign and hence, concerned with durability. They are logical and a little stubborn.

Your bralette has to be beautiful but more importantly, allows you to move easily in them. A fuss-free crop bralette can hold your bust in place regardless of how you move and run. Need to hit the gym in between office hours? Try Jenna in White or Black.



Your style is Colourful, Contrast Bralettes

You are imaginative and full of live.

Bralettes are supposed to bring you joy and happiness. Now, you can express yourself through your bralettes. Feel flirty? Wear pink. Feel sexy? Wear red. Monday blues? Pair it with a royal navy strap. Run wild with it.